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We thank the authors of these notes of kindness -- the kindness of wanting us to know that what we do matters. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Dr. Shah & Staff

I've been less than diligent in the past when it came to researching eye doctors.  Which admittedly wasn't smart.  I thought they all were the same.  You don't want to mess around when it comes to your eyes.  Obviously.  Now that I've been going to Dr. Shah in recent history, I have to say, I really wasted a lot of time and money with past optometrists.   I discovered him based on a friend's suggestion, and I feel indebted to this friend for putting me in touch with such a great optometrist.  

To say Dr. Shah is knowledgeable is an understatement.  He's obviously extremely well trained and competent.  But what stands out about him most is his demeanor.  He does not do what so many doctors do - induce anxiety.  He is reassuring, but with no drama.  He's confident, as you want your doctor to be, but he doesn't pontificate about things that make no sense.  He is thorough, but concise.   There is little to no wait time here, and, in addition to myself, I've seen what appears to be a steady flow of happy and satisfied patients come through this place - all being treated with respect, friendliness, and in an efficient manner, so they're on their way quickly. I suspect that even if I was Dr. Shah's very own family member or the President of the United States, he would treat me with the same importance across the board.  He's an outstanding doctor.  I don't actually work/live that near here, but it's truly well worth the commute to receive excellent vision care. I assure you, you and your eyes will be in exceptionally capable hands with Dr. Shah, and you will not be disappointed.

~ S.Y. - Venice, Ca


I can't tell you how impressed I am with Dr. Shah and his staff.  I've done medical & efficacy reviews for state & federal health depts, and have a good take on what constitutes merely passable vs SUPERLATIVE service (I'm also an Amazon top reviewer). After reading their great reviews on Yelp, I purchased an Amazon Local coupon for optometry services.

Though impressed with the warmth & conscientiousness of Dr. Shah and his staff (for example, the extremely thorough eye exam), I expected more of a discount on the glasses, & complained. I"m afraid i wasn"t very reasonable about it, or polite, I'm ashamed to say- you know, everything had gone wrong that day, plus short on money, etc.

How merchants/practitioners handle complaints is a great way to gauge their integrity.  Not only did they take no offense whatsoever, did not take my belligerence personally, they obviously had only one central concern- my well-being and satisfaction.  Dr. Shah called me at home to explain the ins and outs of the amazon progam.  The discount would have been greater but I needed highly specialized lenses due to multiple problems with my eyes (indeed, I visited another optometrist a few months earlier and she missed the early stages of cataracts and macular problems, & the glasses I received did little to help my vision).  Dr. Shah took the time to explain every detail, both during the exam and later on the phone.  What a kind and ultra-conscientious man.  The office manager and other staff were just as kind and helpful.

A TIP: (from Dr. Shah's assistant):  Call in advance to get an idea of costs, especially regarding coupons.  She told me many prospective clients call before purchasing coupons, or call to find out about insurance co-pays, etc.  They welcome such calls.

I actually saved a LOT on the glasses, and now I can SEE (though I'll be needing surgery at some point).  I threw the glasses I got from the previous optometrist in the trash, useless.

Dr. Shah and his staff get my HIGHEST recommendation, not accorded lightly.  Besides all the foregoing, they have an eclectic selection of top quality frames.  SO glad to find an optometrist of this caliber, I wouldn't dream of going any place else!

~ S.D. - Long Beach, CA


WOW!!!! This is the best eye doctor I have ever seen. Dr.Shah explained everything to me. I have never had an eye doctor give me as much information about my eyes before. I have been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old. Everytime I had aeye exam it was "You need glass and that it"....But Dr. Shah explained to my why I need glasses and what could have been done to help as a child. Who knew this could have been correct as a child. Oh well.... BEST VISIT EVER!!!!!!

OH and his staff is the best.  They made me feel like I was and old friend coming to visit not just a paitent that they need to get in and out. A Great doctor and great staff. What else can a patient ask for? If you need an eye docotr you have to see Dr. Shah.

~ R.V. - Lakewood, CA


Both my parents and I have been coming here since I was a little kid. To put this in perspective, I am 21 now, so we have been enjoying the awesome service this place has to offer for over a decade. To start with the front desk management of this place is perfect. Friendly people who make the process easy is always a nice way to start your visit. How many times can you walk into a doctors office and be remembered by the complete staff? This is something this place offers you. Not once have I come in there and not been asked "How's your mom" or "How's Long Beach State going." This makes the visit very personal and shows you that these people are here for you.  Both Dr. Shah And Dr. Frohn are great doctors. My family has pretty much had it all done, from numerous eye infections, contacts, new glasses, and even eye surgery, so we can confidently say that these are some of the best doctors around. I highly recommend this place for your service or even just recommendations for specialists, etc. They are more than willing to help.

~ K.S. - Cerritos, CA


I've been needing to get my eyes checked and desperately needed to get glasses. My friend mentioned to me a GROUPON deal w/ Dr. Shah. Well needless to say i bought the GROUPON deal and called to make my appointment for the following Tuesday.
I loved this place. The receptionist were friendly and polite and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Dr. Shah was just as polite and attentive. I got the glasses I wanted (RayBans) and I'm happy!! By the way my glasses were ready for pick up 4 days later. I will be coming here yearly from now on.

~ B.G. - Gardena, CA


I went to Dr. shah's office after two miserable appointments at my kaiser eye doctor. Dr Shah took the time to explain my unique eye situation and why regular contacts were not working for me. He even took the time to allow me to try on multiple sets of contacts and re-examined me after trying them on. Very patient, very kind, wonderful staff! I highly recommend!

~ S.K. - Norwalk, CA


Ahhhh.... Service the way it was meant to be.  If you're tired of dealing with customer no-service, try giving Dr. Shah & Dr. Frohn Optometry a try.  Dr. Shah and his staff are absolutely wonderful.  I'm always a little apprehensive about changing doctors, but the crew over at Dr. Shah's made me wonder why I ever went anywhere else.  Dr. Shah is extremely knowledge and he actually takes the time explaining everything you need to know.  What can I say that hasn't already been said, they are amazing.

~ C.A. - Long Beach, CA

Dr. Shah and his staff have proven to me that service matters. From the time I arrived to the time I left his clinic it was a very pleasant experience. The friendly greeting that his staff has given me when I walked in. Even though the wait was less than 5 minutes the staff was so friendly and talkative it felt like seconds. Once I was in the examine room Dr. Shah came in with friendly smile and greeted me. Ask me how my vision is and if there is anything he should know. I been to other optometrist and they just get it started with the exam. No time to ask the patient. Not Dr. Shah. He listens and cares about your vision needs. It is very hard to find these days. After the exam he personally shows you the glasses base on your budget. No sales person here. Here to service you. Trust me he is a winner in my books. If you don t believe me please go there and experience it yourself.

~ A.S. - Chino Hills, CA


The reason I came here to see Dr. Shah was due to the fact that I'm blind as a bat and I could tell my eyes were indeed becoming blinder! I've been wearing glasses for the past 15 years. I've gone through a dozen of optometrists and none compare to Dr. Shah and his team and I'll tell you why. First off, there is literally no wait time and I was able to get seen right away. Secondly, I actually got a consultation and got to discussed my eye sight with Dr. Shah. I was shown my eye health and told ways to improve as well as why my eye sight was worsening. He switched my solution to something a little more fitting to my needs and threw in some wetting drops for the dryness and lack of oxygen I was having due to decade old disposable lenses. Thirdly, he was able to provide a thorough contact fitting since I wanted to try colored contacts. Needless to say I was able to try on a few different pairs and had the staff help me choose some that fit me the best. On top of all that, the pricing for my new glasses and contact lenses were really reasonable. I am glad that I found the place to go to considering I've looked everywhere for a permanent optometrist. A big thanks to you guys!

~ D.S. - Huntington Beach, CA


Things came up super last minute and it was really important that I been seen the same day. They close at 5:30 I called at 4:30 explained my situation and the receptionist told me to come right in. I had my 2 boys with me, Dr's visit and exams aren't always the easiest with your kids around, the staff was great and extremely patient. She didn't mind answering any questions they had about what she was doing and made it seem really cool (now they won't be so scared when it comes time for their exam) I literally had no wait time. I was barely seated when Dr. Shah came in. He was very professional. He completed my exam, gave me great information and suggestions about maintaining not only good eye sight but over all good health to avoid any eye problems in the future. He made sure I had no further questions and took the time to assist me himself in finding a frame I would be happy with. I'm so happy with their service I've already scheduled exams for my children. I would have no problem recommending this place to friends and family.

~ V.M. - Bellflower, CA


I had been going to my former optometrist for almost 5 years until I went to visit Dr. Shah. After just one visit, I immediately switched over to him and his staff. It’s a small location at the corner of a street, but I did not have to wait long, the front desk was very helpful and Dr. Shah was very kind and polite. Many places push you to buy frames from their office, but not this place. I already had particular frames in mind and was planning on purchasing them elsewhere, then bring them in so Dr. Shah s staff could put my lenses in. Dr. Shah was open to the idea and did not try to up sell me in any way. The wait for my glasses wasn’t too long, and the staff was even very considerate enough to call me until they got a hold of me to let me know that my glasses came in. Definitely recommend this place

~ R.L. - Long Beach, CA


Dr. Shah is incredibly friendly, laid back, yet as professional as can be. He takes the time to get to know you as a person! Pretty unusual these days and very much a breath of fresh air. Service was fast and easy!

~ D.K. - Irvine, CA


I would like to sincerely endorse my five-star optometrist: Bob Frohn. I don’t recall exactly how we met (after all, it was over 40 years ago) but I have been his patient ever since. He is thoroughly knowledgeable and professional and has the latest state-of-art equipment. The office staff and environment are very pleasant and there is a multitude of glasses/frames to choose from. After occasional shopping around I also found out that his prices are more than competitive. Parking is easy. Finally, his prescription diagnoses have been more accurate than my ophthalmologist’s.

~ B.G. - Anaheim Hills, CA


Dr. Shah and his staff are very friendly and informative. What I appreciated the most is the time he took to educate me on my options. I did not feel as though he was pushing me in any one direction but was allowing me to make an informed decision. I had pondered about undergoing the costly procedure of lasik surgery and he was very helpful in teaching me the pros and cons. The other great perk for me was the convenient location and parking lot in the back, it definitely is a time saver!

~ P.P. - Pasadena, CA


I have been to Dr. Shah and Dr. Frohn Optometry three times and my experience has been very pleasant each time. The staff working there have been very friendly and helpful. I remember going there to try on contacts for the first time, which took me quite some time to get on, but the staff never rushed me but instead kept giving me different tips to get them in, they were very patient with me. I never had to wait very long for my appointments and it was a breeze to get in-and-out and on with the rest of my day.

~ R.P. - Artesia, CA


My experience at Dr. Shah s office was great. He was very helpful and took the time to explain my eye issues to me, so that I could understand them. Dr. Shah s high level of customer service and knowledge is leaps and bounds beyond my previous eye doctors. His staff is very helpful and professional as well. I have already scheduled my next appointment. Thank you.

~ N. S. - Pasadena, CA


My Experience was great, It was my first time to have my eyes checked, and it went smoothly. Great staff and Dr. Shah was great help. Love my new glasses.

~ C.P. - Artesia, CA


My experience at Dr. Shah and Dr. Frohn Optometry was very positive. Dr. Shah was very personable and made me feel comfortable throughout the exam. There was virtually no wait time and they treat each patient with up most importance by running on schedule in a professional and comfortable office.

~ A.W. - Irvine, CA


Dr. Shah did an amazing job. I had a serious eye infection which affected my vision, and my prior optometrists were unable to diagnose me correctly. The receptionist was friendly, and the other staff members helped me choose the correct eye wear. In addition, the staff was very attentive and listened to my needs and wants.

~ A.P. - Westminster, CA


I have been a patient of Dr. Shah for a few years now and the service is phenomenal! Dr. Shah and his staff are very professional and super friendly. Dr. Shah has always been very thorough and on point with all my eye care issues. He gives accurate diagnosis and takes the time to ask the necessary questions to get to the root of the problem. If you want great service and a trustworthy doctor definitely give Dr. Shah's office a call!!

~ N.S. - San Francisco, CA


I have been a customer of Dr. Shah's for over five years, and the he has been great!  He is very thorough in his examination and he explains everything in detail.  His staff is very friendly as well.

In addition, a few years ago, he recommended me for LASIK surgery.  It was truly the best thing I ever did!  I think he is affiliated with the center that performs LASIK, and you get a good price as a result!  His LASIK center is a quality place that has performed LASIK for professional athletes (not some cheap-o place).

I would highly recommended Dr. Shah!

~ A.S. - Los Angeles, CA


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